Revenant 2

D-Day Adventure Park

66800 E 175 Road | Wyandotte, OK

September 25-27, 2020

Another year, another grueling winter followed by a spring tornado season on the Ozark Plateau.

The passage of time and the relentless yellow dust storms have splintered the nomadic survivor camps in the area. The remnants from the raider group have begun to sprout their own communities.

While a few familiar faces remain, several unknown wanderers have been seen on the trade routes between the ruins of Coleville and Caen. Their history, as well as their intentions, are unknown.



  • 125-person limit for this event.

  • This is a 40-hour/3-day event. Once you begin the event, you are not permitted to leave the gameplay area.

  • Camping will take place in the gameplay area Friday night and Saturday night.

  • Participants are permitted to bring personal stove kits.

  • Campfires must be contained to a raised fire pit similar to this

  • At the beginning of the event, each participant's starting food supply must fit into a 1-gallon bag. Supplemental food will provided throughout the event.

  • At the beginning of the event, each participant is permitted to start with up to 1 gallon of water. Each participant is REQUIRED to have at least 2L of water storage capacity on their person.

  • The nighttime temperatures may drop into the 50s and below - make sure that your sleep system is adequate.

  • There is minimal cellular service at this location - plan accordingly.


  • On Friday, registration will open at 2:00pm and close at 4:00pm.

  • Participants will begin entering the gameplay area after 5:30pm on Friday. This will be the only insertion of participants on Friday.

  • On Saturday, registration will be open at 11:00am and close at 12:00pm. The one and only insertion for Saturday registrants will take place at 1:00pm.

  • Communities will be "un-attackable" between the hours of 8:00pm and 8:00am.

  • The event will conclude around 12:00pm on Sunday.

  • After Action Report and Raffle will take place at 1:30pm.


We intentionally limit information regarding gameplay details specific to events. For example, we will never share a map of the field with community locations and POIs or reveal motivations or identities of NPCs/roleplayers before any event. Part of the immersion of our events is the unknown of the area you are entering.


  • All sales are final and tickets are non-refundable.

  • We do not transfer credit from one event to another.

  • Tickets are transferable; please email to transfer your ticket to another person.

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